The Division 1.4 Patch To Bring Back Balance To New York

The Divisions latest Patch has finally been given the green light and a solid release date it is set to be rolled out across the world on October 25th and will be ready to play in the UK at 11:30 am. This means the game world will be down for maintenance and Ubisoft have announced that they estimate that it will take roughly three hours to complete the maintenance required for this massive update. Maintenance will begin in the UK promptly at 8:30 am.

With a patch this size Ubisoft decided to kindly break down the patch information into three keys area’s of change:

World Tiers:    With 1.4 you, the player, will choose something called a “world tier” through your choice in gear. Gear load outs are scored and will now have very clear “milestones” which will be 163, 182, 204 and 229 and as you surpass each of these Milestones you will move into the next world tier:

Tier 1 = 0 to 163

Tier 2 = 164-182

Tier 3 = 183-204

Tier 4 = 205-229

Each world tier scales the level of all the enemies you encounter in game as well as the reward for killing said enemies. If a player has a gear score of 163 they will encounter enemies equal to level 30, 182 to level 31 and so on as shown above. With the world tiers Ubisoft have also completely removed level 34 and 35 enemies – the highest you will face after 1.4 goes live is level 33 at World Tier 4.

Every single activity in the world will scale with you and your selected World Tier.

You will be able to mix missions, Underground, Incursions, HVTs and Dark Zone and receive rewards that adds and improves your Gear Score.  Just travelling through through the streets of New York’s will also provide meaningful rewards so no longer will it be the arduous and thankless task it has become.

Enemies and named bosses in the Open World will now re spawn on a regular basis, making roaming around Manhattan fun and meaningful again!


Improved Character Balance: The new gear score – world tier system is designed to bring balance between players. For example all the gear in World Tier 2 and higher will have all three base stats – Firearms, Stamina, Electronics – on them, one of these stats will be higher than the others, other bonuses such at Critical Hit percentage and head shot damage, will be scaled down to fit the new game balance.

Gear will lose their current skill bonuses however backpacks, holsters and knee pads will gain new performance mod slots, making them easier to customize to fit your build. Gear Sets will have their Gear Score adjusted to the same levels as high end gear and stat overlaps have been removed. The High End gear talents have also been re balanced.

Scavenging has also now been completely removed from the game, should you have it equipped on any of your gear the stat will be replaced and re-rolled.

Ubisoft want to return The Division to feel more like a shooter, similar to the experience during the 1-30 game. In order to achieve this a brand new DPS formula on weapons has been introduced, but is a work in progress and will change over the course of the public testing period. The damage and roles of certain weapons have also been changed. Some weapons have seen a damage increase; others have had their damage lowered.

Named weapons will not be changed in this update and the identity of your gear will remain the same, even if the scale of stats and bonuses might change.

Weapon mods will now come with one major bonus and an amount of smaller bonuses, depending on the quality of the mod. Damage bonuses are now additive instead of multiplicative, reducing the current spikes in damage which made the game too hard to balance.

The Firearms stat will become a much more significant source of damage output, leading to more decision making when building your character.Weapon talents have been re balanced; some have been buffed, others have seen their numbers reduced.

It is worth noting as well that your over powered Legacy weapons will also be altered to fit into the new World Balance.


The Hunt for Loot: With your gear score becoming oh so much more important the hunt for loot will become oh so much more important and luckily now all enemies, with the exception for non-named enemies in Incursions, have a chance to drop loot with a Gear Score appropriate for your World Tier. Items have now been divided into different pools to reduce any overlap and all Gear Sets are now available to all players.

More gear will drop in higher difficulties. The final chest in Underground will only have the chance of a purple item in normal difficulty in World Tier 1. Banshee’s Shadow will drop everywhere, just like any other Gear Set. Level 33 mods have also been added to the game. Mods are now available in all qualities. Loot weighting in Incursions will also now focus on different equipment slots not like how it has been of Gear Sets.

Experience gained at level 30 will now count towards Field Proficiency, which will award you with a Sealed Cache every time you fill your XP bar, sealed Caches award random items appropriate to your Gear Score and some Phoenix Credits. Credit and Dark Zone vendors will also sell Sealed Caches with the only difference between the two being that you get slightly more Phoenix Credits from the Dark Zone caches.

Refresh of Credit vendor stock is now weekly instead of daily. The Dark Zone vendor in DZ06 will sell random Gear Sets, one for each slot. The Phoenix Credit Vendor will sell Gear Sets, one from each set but for random slots. Prices for some gear has been lowered. Dark Zone rank requirements have been lowered. You need DZ rank 20 to buy Dark Zone Sealed Caches.


That’s a whole lot of patch notes… Manage to get through all that? How will this affect your Division playstyle? Is it enough to bring you back to New York? Let us know in the comments!

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One thought on “The Division 1.4 Patch To Bring Back Balance To New York”

  1. patch in some drop ships and aliens and then maybe I’ll play it again lol

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