How Your Xbox One Can Get The Most Out of Your Internet

TP-Link C300 Router
The TP-Link C300 High-Powered Router
Just one of many that support 'QoS'.

It seems that we’ve all experienced those moments when someone else hogs your Internet. It can lead to a lot of silly deaths in Halo and embarrassing car cashes in Forza. Well, after reading this article today, that could be a thing of the past! This is thanks to a feature that is available on most modern routers, yet most people don’t know about.

Introducing… Quality of Service (or ‘QoS’ for short).

This pragmatic, yet largely unknown feature allows you to distribute your bandwidth more effectively between different devices. This can essentially increase your, well… Quality of Service. The best thing about this feature is that it doesn’t require a lavish high-powered gaming router. In fact, most low-cost routers also include this feature. Phew!

Since the Xbox One is a device, you can actually use Quality of Service to increase the amount of bandwidth that your Xbox One consumes. This, of course, does have a knock-on effect, as any other devices utilising your network will have less bandwidth available to consume. This is obviously fine if every other device is just browsing the Internet or playing low bandwidth-consuming iPad games. Or if you have an incredible amount of bandwidth available across the board.

The great thing about Quality of Service is that it won’t just benefit your Xbox One. Other gaming consoles (including your Xbox 360) will be able to benefit from this. Not just that, but streaming devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV will also benefit from it. It’s completely up to you!

So How Well Does This Actually Work?

Well, see for yourself:


No QoS vs QoS Comparison graphic


How Do I Know If My Router Supports ‘QoS’?

Unfortunately due to how many routers there are out there in the market today, it would take longer than our lifespan to list all those that support Quality of Service. The easiest thing to do is check on Google whether your particular router supports the service.

How Do I Do It?

Since there are so many router models out there, it can vary on how to actually activate your Quality of Service. If you have a router that supports Quality of Service, simply ask Google how to set it up for a detailed how-to. To answer the question though, it usually involves entering your router settings through your Internet browser and then enabling the appropriate settings.

Will Quality of Service change the way you play?

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One thought on “How Your Xbox One Can Get The Most Out of Your Internet”

  1. Living While Alive says:

    Or port forward as well as DMZ host.

    I’ve been doing this for years. Definitely makes a difference in latency/ping.

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