Destiny Wrath of the Machine Raid Heroic Mode Changes

As with every Destiny raid, guardians face the challenges of whatever the newest raid encounter has to offer.  The initial launch of these raids is considered as the normal mode.  After a couple weeks we are then faced with the heroic, or hard mode, raid which not only increases the light level difficulty but also tends to add some additional mechanics.  Lucky for you, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about how to finish the heroic mode raid.  If you haven’t finished the Wrath of the Machine raid on normal mode – we do have a tutorial for you as well here – Wrath of the Machine Walkthrough

Just note though we are going to explain the changes to the hard mode raid so if you haven’t done it and don’t want it spoiled – TURN BACK!

The beginning encounter the open the door with Vosik is still the same.  Pick up the voltage, charge the foundry spinners, and throw the charges.  With the increase in light level this took an extra cycle but it still felt the same.


When you arrive to fight Vosik in the second encounter, this is where some of the new fun comes in.  The SIVA charges drop as normal but instead of 3 there are 6.  You will need to have all members of the raid team pickup a charge and synchronize throwing them to bring down a portion of Vosik’s shield.  Then as before, the monitors behind him that trigger the SIVA Density Critical event will go off.  The change to this is that the large monitors also have a chance to light up behind him which take a lot more damage to bring down.  Makes sure you continue to call out these monitors and team shoot them.  Once the damage cycle is done and Vosik triggers the SIVA Density Critical event, you will run for the safe room just like in normal mode.  The doors though are lowered to when you have to run and slide under them and into the safe room.  Bungie is trying to turn everyone into action heroes now.  Everything else in this fight is the same.

Now on to the Siege Engine.


First off, the fight begins as normal.  It does appear that the Siege Engine moves faster now.  Also, more enemies spawn in which is to be expected but run through as usual and disable it to jump on the back of the engine.  Everything is the same with moving the Siege Engine parts until you get the parts to the final ramp.  The splicers then present you with a Devil Walker tank.  You can kill the tank if you want but remember this is a timed encounter.  We recommend disabling it by taking out a leg of the tank and then moving the parts past it when you bring the ramp down.  You do not have to kill it and in fact, a hidden part of the record book is to complete this encounter in under 6 minutes.  Once you have the parts in, you are done.

Proceed on to the final battles with Aksis.

The first battle with Aksis is literally the same as normal mode except for one addition.  The center platform where Aksis is, as well as above the left and right doors where the captains spawn now have SIVA turrets.  These turrets are the same as in story missions and strikes so its important to watch out for them and continue disabling them when they come online.  Finish the fight as normal.


With the second Aksis fight, nothing has really changed as well.  You would kill the three Servitors that spawn in and use the 3 SIVA charges to lower Aksis’ shield to begin the damage phase.  Thankfully the three turrets are now gone from the room but just like in the third round of the first Aksis fight were you needed 7 SIVA charges for the 7 plates, you now need 7 charges to lower Aksis’ shield.  Once you kill a Servitor, the SIVA charge will drop and another Servitor will spawn somewhere else.  Other than that, the fight is the same with the empowerment and using the platforms in the back to stay alive after damage cycles.

All in all these are pretty nice changes.  They focus more on adding teamwork mechanics instead of just a higher difficulty.  What do you think?  Have you finished the heroic mode raid?  Let us know in the comments below!

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