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Time to explore the world through different eyes

One thing we all love as gamers is the ability to explore vast open worlds with breathtakingly stunning views, it becomes so addicting that we can’t rest until every nook and cranny has been discovered. So how would you feel if I told you that you can go exploring via a whole new perspective, if you could see the environment through the eyes of a wolf – now that has got your attention. What’s even better is we now have an opportunity to do this, there’s no way we can let this slip through our fingers – it’s time to explore ‘LOST EMBER’.


As mentioned previously your main role here is as a wolf exploring the raw beauty of a world that nature has taken back, who knows what secrets and ancient remains you will find along the way. Good news is you’re not alone on this crusade as every animal you meet while travelling will become controllable too, work together with your new comrades in order to reach your goal – the safe arrival to Machu Kila, the city with all the answers. Using each and every animal is the key to successful exploration here, they all offer up new ways to find things and unlock the possibilities for finding locations that simply treat the eyes. You can dive down into the deepest of waters through marine animals, soar at dizzying heights with animals that can fly such as parrots, dig deep into underground territory with a mole or scale up near vertical cliffs courtesy of a mountain goat; there is no where you can’t explore thanks to the members of the animal kingdom. On your journey you are guided by a companion that used to be part of the old Inrahsi culture and witnessed the fall of his world. As the last soul of the old civilization he wandered the world for an eternity, searching for someone who could help him on his quest – that person has finally been found, that person is you. He can show you the memories to help you understand the sights he has seen, you relive his life through these echoes of the past. As you and your companion explore you begin to trust one another, forming a beautiful friendship together.


So who is behind this amazing indie title, please give a warm welcome to Mooneye Studios. Founded about 2 years ago after meeting in a game development masters program in university. These guys all worked in the games and media industry for several years and together as a team on some smaller projects. They soon realised that they work extremely well together and since none of them wanted to work in a big company with huge hierarchies and no real creative freedom anymore, they took a bit of a risky step and quit their jobs to start up an indie studio – from the look of LOST EMBER, these guys will have no problems in making it a complete success. Still have some more questions, check out their website.

I know that the people reading this are kind and warm hearted which is good, we now have a chance to help via Kickstarter. You can help out with the required funds to bring this game into the world, not only will that give you that feeling of helping but you could be in line for some tasty rewards too. If you want to contribute towards this, then head over to their Kickstarter page right here and pledge what you can – I like the look of the signed poster, what reward catches your eye?

I will be following this project very closely, you got to admit it looks stunning. A visual treat for the eyes and gameplay that is just as astounding, I’d better make sure my schedule is clear for the projected release date of March 2018. We would love to hear your thoughts on LOST EMBER, why not leave us a comment with your views?

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