FIFA 17 Beats VR,Gears of War 4 and Stays No.1

It has been a week of wonders for the console world, Project Morpheus finally came to fruition and people all over world have started taking those red pills with the hopes to explore just how deep those rabbit holes go.

With such a revolution in the way gaming is experienced by the consumer you would expect VR games to have dominated the UK’s Top 10 lists and whilst they may have taken the seventh and eighth spot with PlayStation VR Worlds and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood respectively even the innovation of VR couldn’t take down Octobers King of Games: FIFA17.


FIFA 17 hasn’t had it easy, Not only has it fought off the first wave of VR gaming but last week it had to fend off the side tackle of an old trilogy being reborn in the shape of Gears of War 4 as well as the highly anticipated Mafia III and against these heavyweight releases FIFA 17 has remained king and retained it’s tight clutch on the number one spot for the third week in a row.

What is it about FIFA 17 that has allowed it to maintain such a high level of sales?, Is it the beautiful new frostbite engine, the new journey mode or just the brilliant driven kicks and headers that stop players like myself sending the ball fifty feet above the crossbar. We can’t know for sure, one thing we do know is that FIFA 17 is defending that top spot fiercer than a mountain lion protecting her cubs. Can FIFA 17 defend it’s throne against the upcoming Battlefield 1 and Batman: Return to Arkham release this week?

Want to know where your favorite release is in this weeks top 10, look no further:

1 – FIFA 17
2 – Gears 4
3 – Mafia 3
4 – WWE 2K17
5 – Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Edition
6 – Forza Horizon 3
7 – PlayStation VR Worlds
8 – Skylanders Imaginators
9 – Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
10 – Rocket League

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