Furi is Slashing its Way to Xbox One

Xbox One fans will soon have a lot to be excited about. Popular PC and PS4 title Furi will soon be making its way to Xbox One. The game on the face of it has a very simple premise players will face a series of boss fights where they will be armed with a sword, gun and dodge manoeuvre. This may sound like simple game-play however, the developers at The Game Bakers have managed to integrate this simple game-play with a steep learning curve that makes the game both challenging and fun.


The game has been a huge critical success following its release on PS4 and PC and will surely be looking to achieve a similar response when it releases on Xbox one. The game has some spectacular visuals with a vibrant art style and striking character design which is no surprise with Afro Samurai’s creator Takashi Okazaki on the team. The game also has a fantastic original soundtrack featuring popular synthwave acts like Carpenter Brut, Danger, Scattle, Lorn, The Toxic Avenger and Waveshaper.


Many fans of the game have described it as  “a love letter to Japanese action games such as No More Heroes, Metal Gear Solid or Godhand.” The game has been designed to create intense satisfaction, and by that same measure create intense frustration to go along with it. Its  a game that is incredibly fast paced and requires great timing, reflexes, and judgement.  Each of the playable characters has a distinct play style requiring absolute focus, skill, and split-second reflexes to defeat. A game of counter attack, where you wait and punish, and you get better after each successive encounter.


This game will cause massive frustration for many tackling this game but you will also have an incredible sense of satisfaction when you finally defeat a boss. When you fail, you get knocked down, but you’ll know why. And you’ll improve. You feel like you could do better. You just want to give it “one more try” and when you succeed… it’s one of the best feelings in gaming. We have no news yet on when this game will be released but make sure you keep an eye on The Game Bakers Twitter account for further updates on Furi.

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