Christmas Chief comes but once a year…

Halo Jumper by Numbskull

Yes, it’s only October but the Christmas Hype starts earlier every year here in the Xbox One UK Castle. And we’re especially excited to see Numskull’s exciting range of traditional Christmas apparel. Nestled cosily amongst the festive AT-ATs, Spidermen and Chun-Lis you’ll find Spartan John-117, Halo‘s Master Chief himself, riffing on his most iconic line.

Numbskull designs - Halo Christmas Jumper

Being able to spend Christmas Day with everyone’s favourite seven foot tall armoured killing machine is, obviously, what Christmas is all about.

We’ll let you click through to to find out how much a jumper you’ll wear for half a day and then abandon when you get the Turkey sweats will set you back.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Chief comes but once a year…”

  1. crotana crotana crotana
    *says the same way chief used to say*

  2. Chris Turk says:

    Need this @NumskullDesigns ?

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