Xbox One Supports PSVR… Sort Of

It’s not very often that we say this but PlayStation may have something for you. Sony have released their entry into the VR market in the form of PlayStation VR and it turns out that it not only works with the PlayStation 4 but also with your sainted Xbox One, and you need do nothing nefarious.

There is only one simple thing that you need to do to get the PlayStation VR working on your Xbox One. All you’ll have to do is plug the HDMI cable into an Xbox One instead of a PlayStation, simple. Once you have taken this little step you should see the Xbox menus only inches from your eyes, a little unnerving perhaps but then what do you expect, this is the future after all.

Now, at this point we should note that as the games on your Xbox are not designed for the system you will lose some quality but still, it is VR. If you go as far as to plug your headphones into the controller you will even get the sound as well. Although doing this won’t give you the 360 degrees surround sound so full immersion will be somewhat lacking but that isn’t the point is it?

The PlayStation VR isn’t a cheap piece of kit, it will currently set you back £349.00 but if you’ve got that kind of cash lying around then a little fun can be had by all, well all those with deep pockets anyway.

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