Skyrim goes Gold – 25GB Install in Europe

Bethesda has announced that the remastered version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has gone gold, meaning its initial development is complete, and the game is ready for manufacturing. Bethesda has also announced the file size too and for the European market, this is 25GB compared to the North American version of 17GB – presumably the size difference is because of the inclusion of multiple European languages.


Skyrim: Special Edition is set to release on October 28 and features a wide array of visual improvements, including remastered art and effects, volumetric lighting, dynamic depth of field effects, and more. It will also have mod support and also includes all the DLC from the original release – Dawnguard, Heathfire and Dragonborn.


Source: Gamespot

Are you excited to jump back into the world of Skyrim? What do you think of the file size? Let us know in the comments section below.

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