Injustice 2 Details Emerge

Fans of NetherReal Studios Injustice: Gods Among Us  have been waiting with baited breath for a news about the upcoming sequel to the hugely popular fighting game. The wait is now over with concrete details coming out via marketing manager of NetherRealm Studios Brian Goodman.

The news came during an interview Brian Goodman conducted with Game Reactor. He revealed that Injustice 2 will have different gameplay and storyline to its predecessor. He was quoted as saying:

“Structure-wise, it’s going to be a little bit different, there’s going to be definitely an opportunity to go through the story mode, and we’re definitely going to leave them wanting to go through it perhaps a second time.”

He then went on to reveal that the new title will  have new single and multiplayer modes to make sure it improves the gaming experience. He was quoted as saying:

“We’re going to have a number of single-player modes; we’re really trying to round out our offerings for people who enjoy our games as single players, of course, a whole suite of online modes as well, both competitive and potentially some co-operative modes as well.”


Fans were also excited to hear reports coming from NetherRealm that there will be several new DC characters added to the new game. Characters such as John Constantine, Darkseid, Red Hood, Captain Cold and Swamp Thing. Injustice 2  is rumoured  to be set for a  March 2017 release on Xbox One whilst there is speculation suggesting that an Injustice 2 mobile version will soon arrive for Android and iOS devices.


Has this news wet your appetite for more Injustice? Let us know in the comments below.

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