Mark McMorris Infinite Air Offers Infinite Possibilities with World Editor Mode

It’s been revealed that Mark McMorris Infinite Air, the snowboarding sim featuring…Mark McMorris and a host of other snowboarding legends, will feature a world editor. That means, according to developer HB Studios, you can ‘craft your own run from scratch’ making Infinite Air ‘unique in the genre.’

You can check out all the details in this video here:

The world creation editor offers gamers the chance to add pipes and bowls and jumps and ramps, alongside objects such as log cabins and snow ploughs, that will really challenge your snowboard skills. The developer wants you create your own uniquely challenging personal playground. Or to fall flat on your face, depending on competency levels. Another addition is a trail showing your last run, meaning you can reposition objects to better suit your snowboarding style.

The custom run editor also supports world-sharing, so you can share your creations with your pals to see who really is the next Mark McMorris. Every single run has its very own leaderboard, too, in which gamers can compete at the top level for the number one spot.

Still want more? Mark McMorris Infinite Air doesn’t just allow customisation of runs, but of the whole mountain – from steepness and terrain type to the level of powder and wind speed.

The physics-driven game also features a procedurally generated mountain ranges and real world competitions to test yourself, meaning Infinite Air may well offer gamers infinite pure powder play possibilities.

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