Dishonored 2 ‘Daring Escapes’ Gameplay Trailer

When the walls are closing in on you, sometimes a smooth and quick escape is the way to go. This trailer highlights some of the powers Emily and Corvo can use to make a quick exit.

Emily uses her Shadow Walk to quickly and stealthily get out of the room, killing the first attacker with a dark claw through the back.

Running through the hallways, another enemy appears but is too far to run to before others join up or she attacks you. Emily can use Doppelganger to summon a shade-version of herself that attracts enemies while killing targets. This move also helps avoid being attacked by an unseen enemy that lurks nearby.


Before bursting through a closed door, it’s good to know where your attackers are standing. Using Dark Vision, Emily can see living being through walls to locate and attack or avoid them. A cool power that I’m intrigued by is called Mesmerize. This summons a void spirit that looks like a constantly changing geometric diamond-like thing. It completely captivates humans and hounds, and it just looks really cool!

Similar to Blink that Corvo uses, Emily has a power called Far Reach that lets you pull her character across far distances to go up levels, or simply away from enemies. It differs from Blink in that it also seems to be able to pick up and throw away from or pull enemies to her. Transposition swaps Emily’s place with her doppelganger, and Domino is really neat because it will link multiple enemies or targets to one, sharing the same fate as the person/enemy they’re linked to. For instance, breaking their necks.


The trailer goes on to show Corvo’s playthrough, and how gamers can use different paths to escape the same predicament.

Corvo has a power called Bend Time that…well…does just that. It doesn’t last long though, so you have to book it to your target or hiding place.

Corvo can also use Possession to take over the bodies of animals, bugs, and people to safely walk through the Wall of Light, walk past enemies, or gain access to different areas.


Chain Host is a power that directly affects Possession. It allows Corvo to switch between bodies quickly, and I assume it re-sets the length of time you can stay in that body even though it isn’t shown or said.

A cool power I like is Redirective Blink. It explains itself, but it stops time as  you aim where you want Corvo to teleport to. It’ll really help me out since every game I play seems to be specifically programmed to make my characters jump off where I don’t want them too. I don’t know what it is. It can’t possibly be me. 😉

In the trailer, Corvo jumps from host to host until he is able to safely pass through the wall of light that would otherwise disintegrate him. He then places an instrument in the power box that reverses who the Wall of Light disintegrates. Then he uses Wind Blast to send the enemies flying. This power also shatters doors and deflects projectiles. It’s the Dishonored version of “Fus-Ro-Dah”.

Dishonored 2 releases on November 11th, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

What’s your favorite power? Who are you going to play as first? Let me know in the comments!

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