New Features LFG for Preview Members

The people at Xbox have enabled some new features for LFG members in Preview!

They have said to ‘Try these out and be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues by using Report a problem’

New Features

  • You can now create Looking for Group posts for a specific time in the future, up to seven days in advance!
  • You can now create a Looking for Group post directly in a Club and control who sees it; just Club members or everyone on Xbox LIVE.
  • When creating Looking for Group posts, you can specify what language the party will be speaking. When searching, you can filter by languages.
  • On the Party tab of the Guide, under “You might like”, you can now see Looking for Group posts that your friends are hosting or interested in.
  • The Party Roster has been streamlined to show more Party members without scrolling.


LFG Known Issues

  •  If you try to cancel a Looking for Group post immediately after creating one, the cancel may fail.
      Workaround: Dismiss the Looking for Group details menu, wait thirty seconds, open it, and try to cancel again. If that does not work, please use Report a problem.

How are you finding Groups and all the new features on Preview? Let us know with a comment below.

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