What’s Next for Destiny After Rise of Iron?

So Rise of Iron is almost 2 weeks old but thanks to long periods of content droughts guardians are already wondering what will be next.  We would like to take some time and look at the hints that have been dropped in Rise of Iron and even previous DLC’s to see where the Destiny storyline will take us next.

Rise of Iron introduced to the SIVA plague that the Fallen House of Devils and their splicers harnessed and used to transform themselves into a high tech race of Fallen.  After defeating their leader and cutting off the SIVA source, SIVA still exists in the Cosmodrome.  During the “Iron Tomb” story mission, your ghost makes a comment that even if they are successful, you still have to deal with the SIVA that the House of Devils already has.  Even Lord Saladin follows it up with “in a war there are many battles.”  We may not be done with the SIVA outbreak as it may expand into another DLC.

During the Rise of Iron story missions as well, we learn that Rasputin, the Warmind of Earth, has run interference with the Iron Lords and the SIVA outbreak.  We still don’t know what Rasputin’s full intentions are but we may learn more soon.  The Warminds of Destiny are a large part of the grimore and backstory and should see some more attention in either a future DLC or just the sequel.


Leading into Rise of Iron, Bungie launched as part of their website the Owl Sector ARG page that was showing the different swarms of mites that was around guardians’ heads the week before Rise of Iron.  We still don’t know much else about it but the website did have some interesting conversations between scientists who studied SIVA as well as other experiments with the Clovis Bray group.  Later on we then were treated to our own individual nodes that would be used the figure out the “canister puzzle” in the Wrath of the Machine raid.  As Rise of Iron continues, I’m sure Bungie has more tricks up their sleeves about this.

What about our friends in the reef?  Awoken queen Mara Sov in the beginning of The Taken King appears to have been killed in the first fight with Oryx and the Dreadnaught.  Why would she knowingly put herself into a situation that would have gotten herself and everyone killed.  At the end of the story mission “Regicide” in The Taken King, Eris Morn is seen taken the husk of the taken king’s sword and is mentioning that the queen was correct.  It almost seems like it was a part of a plan organized by Eris Morn and the queen from the start.  We know from the grimore cards that the queen not only has had communications with The Nine but also know where they are located.  She may have found refuge with them for the time being.


Speaking of The Taken King, what about the Cabal?  According to Destiny’s grimore, the Cabal lost over 50% of their forces in our solar system.  It doesn’t seem like they will just be going away either.  During the Taken King strike, “The Shield Brothers”, when completing it Cayde-6 will sometimes give you a dialogue stating that “someone, somewhere far away from here, some imperial flunky is hearing that there are no more ranking soldiers in our solar system.”  Also, in the “Outbound Signal” mission, we learn that a distress call was made and sent to the Cabal empire.  We wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t treated to one more DLC involving a Cabal surge to reclaim what they lost.  This would make sense since every other faction has had a DLC/raid of their own.  Vault of Glass (Vex), The Dark Below (Hive), Taken King (Taken), and House of Wolves and Rise of Iron (Fallen) but nothing for the Cabal.  This may also be the main premise for the sequel to Destiny as well.

Another thing that might be out there is the possibility of Oryx’s siblings wanting revenge for the loss of their brother.  In the Book of Sorrows it is made known that Oryx has two sisters.  Bungie has already made it well known they like to give us family issues, especially with Oryx’s family.  It would be something familiar to do as well since we have a fight with Crota’s sisters in the King’s Fall raid.  I could see Bungie holding this idea until they really need it since Hive has been used a lot in this iteration of Destiny.

For now Rise of Iron is doing a great job at giving guardians something to do.  We will always wodner where this massive project is going to take us next though.  What do you think we will do next?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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    activision fires bungie would be the best for all next get back all employes and go back to microsoft and reboot destiny

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