The Escapists 2 Announced for 2017

It was announced at TwitchCon that Team17’s amazingly fun game The Escapists is getting a sequel!

The biggest change in the sequel is that there will be co-op and competitive modes. Players can team up with up to 3 other people either locally or online with drop in/drop out multiplayer.


The updated graphics add a lot of little details with things like stains, grass, line-up sections painted on the tiled floors, and much more.

There’s a new combat system that features light and heavy attacks, new craftable weapons like tasers, new things to do/play like instruments or paint, and (of course) new ways to escape! In the video they show a prisoner escaping out of a window and climbing down a rope made of tied bedsheets.

If you’re still playing the current game, don’t worry. The Developers reassure gamers on their Steam Store page by stating that,

 “We haven’t forgotten about The Escapists and all of you that are still playing the game. So stayed tuned for news on more updates!”

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