PES 2017 Review

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer is back this year with PES 2017. Once, the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise was considered the better of the two annual football releases, but it’s not been that way for a few years now. Can this ‘year’s entry wrest the crown from that other game?

This year the concept is ‘control reality’ as the game tries to up its level of intuitive control and create one of the best football games so far. Konami has really tried this year, and this might be one of their greatest titles. The one thing that stood out mainly straight away for myself was the Adaptive AI

In PES 2017, the AI will learn how you play. So, if you’re the type of player to pass to a star player quite often, such as Ronaldo or Messi, the opposition will double up on him and mark heavily. Or if you’re like me and play constantly down the wings, the AI Players will cover their fullbacks to make you think twice! The AI will also adapt its attacking tactics, so if you are intercepting the opposition’s long passes they will change to a short passing game. Player and team behavior has always been a staple of the PES series, and with PES 2017 Konami’s Adaptive AI aims to change sports games forever.


It has some other great features too. The ‘real touch’ system ensures players can receive a pass and make space with a variety of realistic movements; spinning and turning to create space in one fluid movement. It’s these touches that give a feeling of believability to this video game version of the beautiful game. The all-new ‘precise pass’ elements ensure you have complete control over the weight and speed of every single pass you make.

While we’re talking gameplay, PES 2017 is as slick as they come. Bale and Messi and plays brilliantly even compared to last year, while all the little improvements make for an entry in the franchise that’s fun to play and watch. Sure it PES comes replete with a full range of modes, like returning fan-favourites myClub and Master League.

When it comes to representing the beautiful game on screen, PES 2017 is as beautiful as they come. It’s a huge improvement on previous iterations and offers a stunning game of football, with player detail incredible although player models don’t offer the same variation in size and shape than might be expected.


Let’s finish off with licenses. (Can we skip this part?) No…

Konami has tried to address the problem more this year compared to previous years; they have dug-deep and thrown some money at a handful of teams to purchase club licenses. As a result, fans of Barcelona, Liverpool, Man City and few more will be happy. While on the other side of Manchester, and rest of the world, we’re still living with Man Red or West Glamorgan City. But at least the people at Konami are trying. Rome wasn’t build in a day and hopefully in a few years’ time we will talking about a lot more teams. Some good news for hardcore fans is that The Barcelona license means the Nou Camp stadium is a PES exclusive this year.

You can view all of the Official PES 17 Partnerships right here.

Overall PES 2017 Is way above average and the gameplay is hugely improved since last year, and with a few licenses now the game is heading right back up there with its rivals.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is available from the Store priced £49.99.

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On field prowess means PES 2017 gives any other football game a run for its money.
  • 8/10
    Overall - 8/10


Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is, for once, an improvement on its predecessor in every single way. The on-filed action deluivered the best PES experience ever,a nd it’s certainly a match for the rival franchise. Away from the action, PES is still disappointingly utilitarian, and the licensing issue means it remains firmly in second place when it comes to turning out for most of the big clubs. Playing as Barcelona in the Nou Camp is a nice experience, though.

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