Destiny: The Return Of Iron Banner And Trials

Rise Of Iron has been greatly successful with the new story missions, strikes, weapons/armour and of course the new raid to name a few. This has kept the guardians busy for a short time, but of course these Guardians don’t hang about any we are baying for me precious loot.

With that in mind this week and next brings back our favourite PvP events, as of today Trials Of Osiris returns, and with it Brother Vance brings a whole host of Egyptian style goodies to claim:




Next week we also get the highly anticipated Iron Banner, this time around, because Lord Saladin is focused on the Siva Crisis we will be getting a brand new vendor as well as some really good looking gear:






One important note to bear in mind if you’re a more casual player or new to the game with Destiny: Rise of Iron – neither Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are level adjusted. In normal Crucible matches, the game compensates for varying Light levels, so a 320 Light player and a 385 Light player do the same damage with the same weapons. In both PvP events, the numbers matter – so the players at the cap will wipe the floor with you.

Trials Of Osiris is available from tonight from the usual spot, grab you passage and 2 buddies! Iron Banner starts on October 4th at 10am. Tell us what you think of the brand new gear!

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