EGX | Hands On With Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment’s second instalment of the popular mech first person shooter was one of the biggest and most popular stands in the whole building.

After the first Titanfall, Respawn learned from what the fans wanted, a single player campaign, they listened. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see it during the demo.

The plot focuses on Frontier Militia rifleman Jack Cooper, who aspires to be a Titan pilot. Stranded behind IMC lines, the protagonist must team up with a veteran Vanguard-class Titan named BT-7274, working together against overwhelming odds to uphold a mission he was never meant to carry out. The story represents the pilot-titan bond and shows that titans have personalities to and can’t just be thrown away.

Respawn had two different game modes on offer but they were on two different consoles. On the Xbox One there was Amped Hardpoint, a new version of the most popular game mode on the previous Titanfall. Capture flags and hold them as long as possible, kill grunts, pilots and titans to increase the score.

On the PS4 they were offering a brand new game mode called bounty hunt, collect bounties by killing grunts, titans, mercenaries and other pilots, basically a bounty will come up on the screen and the first team to complete the bounty wins it. Bank your bounty money before the enemy pilots get to you and kill you. If you are killed with bounty cash on you the pilot that killed you gets it. Bank it before it’s too late to keep it safe. Yes it will be available on the Xbox too.

We were playing as a pre alpha tech test and the gameplay was a lot smoother than the previous test that was released to the public previously. The lag issues were fixed and everything was cleaner and more controllable.

New pilot and titan abilities have been introduced, grapple hook to get to those hard to reach places, grapple onto titans and even grab other pilots! A new sonar ability which detects any nearby pilots and makes them glow orange through walls, beware the enemy gets a warning when sonar is deployed.

There are brand new titans being introduced, 6 in fact, Scorch, Ion, Ronin, Northstar, Legion and Tone. Each have been modelled from the 3 original titans from the first game. Each with their own special abilities, Scorch: Fire, Ion: Energy, Legion: Ballistic, Tone: Explosive, Ronin: Samurai and Northstar: A sniper who can fly.

Titanfall 2 is due for release October 28th

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