A New Direction For Battlefield

With the release of Battlefield 1 on October 21st, we will see not only a massive change in setting and structure from previous Battlefield titles but a refreshing change of pace for shooters in general. But what has made DICE make such a drastic change and what can we learn about the new game from the campaign trailer that dropped yesterday.

We learned from DICE announcements that the single player campaign will not follow the standard formula of a single protagonist. But will instead follow the stories of different protagonists throughout different battles and scenarios of World War 1. Making this the first time the series has gone for an anthology-style format. Dice explained that the choice to take on different characters for different missions was to try and have each mission have a greater focus on character stories. Instead of having just one character hopping between missions.


DICE then went on to explain further that this focus on characters and story meant that the way the cinematic’s are produced and even the general tone of the game had to change. They stated that the campaign will now cut from the constant first person view to allow for the player to engage with what the characters are going through in a more emotionally profound way.

There is an emphasis also in this new title on the way you play. With each mission having different ways to approach completing the objective from stealthy and sneaky or all guns blazing and everything in between. Providing the player with more options on how to play the campaign missions instead of the linear story format we have become accustomed to in our first person shooters.


This new direction from DICE is aiming to be a refreshing change for a genre that for many has begun to feel stagnant over the last few years and will hopefully prove to be a fun and interesting new direction for the franchise. Will you be picking up your copy of Battlefield 1 and playing your part in the Great War? Let us know in the comments below.

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