Destiny 2 rumors – Is this going to be the Destiny we all wanted?

With Destinys last big DLC – Destiny: Rise of Iron having recently been released, what’s next for the Destiny franchise? Well in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year you’ll already know about Destiny 2. And thanks to the release of ROI, the rumour mill has now begun churning out rumours about the upcoming sequel.

So what’s happening? Well, it seems that Destiny 2 will be coming to PC this time round. It seems that all available info (posts/rumours and sources) are all in agreement, with the general consensus being that this is down to destiny no longer being available for the PS3 or Xbox 360. Along with this, it’s rumoured that it will be getting some rather major overhauls that the first game desperately needed – according to a source on NeoGAF and Kotaku.

So what’s different with Destiny 2? It seems likely that the overhaul will include a new game engine, along with new development tools that allow more content/DLC to be made available throughout the year – instead of only at the end of the year like it is at the moment. This massive shift in focus towards Destiny 2 also hints at the fact that there won’t be any more DLC for Destiny.

More active environments are rumoured to be in-game, along with new races, new factions and new enemies. With more active environments available it should see away with the need ‘to visit the tower after every quest’. From now on you will be able to interact with NPC’s in the game world. It has also been suggested that you may be able to queue for activities/quests while still controlling your character, this should mean that there will be no need for the ‘waiting in orbit’ loading screens that we all love so much.

Kotaku has also stated that Destiny 2 may abandon some of the current characters – this possibly includes the 3 class of guardians that we use at the moment. Put that together with the NeoGAF post suggesting there is to be a massive story overhaul, it does make sense to start again – new story/characters/areas/missions

*Source Kotaku, NeoGAF


Let’s not get to excited just yet, though, at this point in time, these are still only rumours flying around the internet – although these 2 sources are generally very reliable’ – maybe we should take it with a pinch of salt – for now at least. If the above was true, however, what are your thoughts on this? are these the areas of Destiny that you feel needed to be overhauled, or is there something else you feel should be done? let us know in the comment’s


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