Could Gears of War Become Something Besides a Shooter?

With Gears of War 4 coming soon, fans are eager to jump back into the beloved world of a duck and cover 3rd person shooter from Microsoft and The Coalition.  But what if Gears of War strayed away from its famed 3rd person shooter experience?  This has been rumored thanks to an interview with with Xbox head Phil Spencer and The Coalition creative director Chuck Osieja.

During an interview the two were offered the question “If Gears of War could expand into any other gaming genre, what would it be?”

Phil Spencer went right into defensive mode telling Osieja to be careful what he said.  This seems to suggest that something might be in the works already.

With Spencer, his boss, sitting directly next to him, Osieja gave a Microsoft-approved answer in a played-up voice. “At Microsoft, we evaluate all opportunities for our franchises. So, if the right opportunity presents itself, we’ll explore that as something we can offer our fans.” Spencer booed this response and even gave it a thumbs-down.

Spencer went on to say that the Gears story can span across multiple genres.

“Definitely when we got the team together and talked about the future of gears of war, I think there’s multiple ways that you can tell that story.  Multiple gameplay genres. I think it’s a really big IP and it’s an IP that could exist in linear form, in books–we’ve seen that; in different gaming genres.”

We already know of Exile, which was a project involving the Xbox 360 Kinect that never saw the light of day.  We’ve seen the Halo franchise span out of the shooter genre and into the real time strategy genre with Halo Wars.  Who knows where else the Gears of War story could take us with Gears of War right on the horizon.  We will have to wait and see.  What genre would you like to see adapted by the Gears of War franchise?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Appy-game

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