See What’s Been Added To Backwards Compatibility Today

Today the sainted Major Nelson announced that four more titles have been added to the Backwards Compatibility program. So once again you can enjoy some titles that you may or may not have loved in years gone by.

He announced three of the games at once on Twitter. E4, Encleverment Experiment and Fun Town Mahjong.

The fourth title he announced just now. It is a game that maybe a few of you have heard of before, and maybe even some of you might of hapened to play it. The latest game to be aded to the Backwards Compatibility program will be Call Of Duty: World at War.

This is a game that will bring back a lot of nostalgia for some of the older Call of Duty fans and is set to be very well received by fans new and old a like. All of the games announced today, as well as all of the other games in the Backwards Compatibility program are available to download from the Xbox Store.

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