Hitman- Episode 5: Colorado Launched Today

For all you assassins out there today is a day to rejoice. The latest Episode in IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman series, Episode 5: Colorado, has been released and it looks to be as dark and sophisticated, if maybe a little more rural, as any episode to date.

Set in the farmland setting of Colorado, Hitman- Episode 5: Colorado sees Agent 47 completing an infiltration mission at the training camp of a private militia and it is set to be his toughest challenge yet. This time you will have to take out four separate targets, Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg and Penelope Graves.

This episode is also set to be one of the most crucial in all of the first season. There is set to be some big revelations this time around that will give the story a serious shot of momentum. It is this episode that sets up a big finale in the sixth and final episode.

To coincide with the launch of Episode 5: Colorado there is a launch trailer which shows the episode in the most cinematic of ways.

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