Dishonored 2 Is Made For A Second Play-Through

I absolutely love Dishonored. I spent hours in the dark, industrial world infested with as much corruption as there are rats. I played the low chaos route, where the biggest difference story-wise was that I got the happy ending. I also chose to send my targets away to the silver mines or on a boat with a stalker (Let’s face it, that’s exactly what he was.) because it was much more satisfying to watch. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t picked it up again since, but I did pick up the xbox one version recently! Now I’ll play through all the DLC before the next installment releases in November.

In Dishonored 2 you’ll only get half of the story if you play it once. Fantastic incentive for players who need to know the entire story and wish to see what happened in-between the other missions.

“And I think players won’t understand Dishonored 2 till they play it twice, because there is so much overt conversation that you can miss, and lore to read and even just understanding the environment’s impact on the storytelling. Plus, there are all these powers and you don’t get enough runes to buy all of them; you can’t even buy half of the powers in one playthrough.” – Harvey Smith, Arkane Studios’ co-founder.

So how do you choose which character you want to play as?

“At the beginning of the game you play as Emily for a moment; so you see Emily no matter what. Then there is a branching moment and you choose either Corvo or Emily, and you are stuck with that for the rest of the game. So you could be Emily all the way to the end, improving her powers and investing in low or high chaos, or you could be Corvo. And the other character doesn’t walk along with you or anything like that; you leave them behind. So you are committed to one or the other.”

“Every time you play Dishonored 2 it is different as you find different paths, buy different powers, go high or low chaos and play as Corvo or Emily. Also, when The Outsider offers you his mark, you may say no.”

Having played the low chaos route in the first game, I need all of the stealth powers I can have! Also, refuse and possibly anger the guy that could give me supernatural abilities? Not going to happen.


Dishonored 2 Releases November 11th, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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2 thoughts on “Dishonored 2 Is Made For A Second Play-Through”

  1. wow can our eyes shoot bullets!!?

  2. quite cool,if it’s good enough to warrant a 2nd play through

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