Destiny: Rise Of Iron Post Hype Impressions

Destiny’s new expansion has of course drawn attention from across the globe as it always does when a new expansion drops.  Throughout this week players have been grinding to be Raid ready to take the holy grail of accomplishments “the worlds first” completion – congratulations to Team Redeem for nabbing that amazing triumph- raiding is the main reason most people play Destiny.


It yields the greatest rewards and the buzz in completing it, for most of us here at Xbox One UK we unfortunately missed the grand kick off as we went to this year’s EGX (raises a beer in toast), so for us getting back after the raid had been run and a great many secrets had been revealed gave us a rather interesting perspective on what has changed in a world that’s held our undying attention for so long.


Let’s talk about the grind. It’s real, this is no urban legend, false truth or black cats nonsense. Rise Of Iron has brought back the hardcore, knuckle duster grind that we know and love (kind of). The first we noticed was there was ALOT of YouTube videos for exotic missions like the Gjallarhorn and Khavostov! Bungie has really thrown the hook and bait out with this weapons to reel us all in quick. These exotics are easy enough to get and this gives you a quick sense of accomplishment.


This automatically lured us into a false sense of security and comfortability. Once these had been acquired and you feel like a god amongst men we started to look at our missions and the new RoI book of triumph, wow there is some real steps to complete there which yield some fantastic prizes!


The new strike system is brilliant, hard as hell but brilliant. Now Bungie have added in the treasure chest function it really helps the player to have more of a focus on what gear they want and it gives them much better chances at the drops instead of waiting for a Nightfall. Again a brilliant way for Bungie to draw us back in, you recieve 1 skeleton keys from completing a mission, there after you will have to grind strikes in order to get more keys. This works as a 2 birds 1 stone concept, strikes are a fantastic way to level up and become raid ready as well as earn some fantastic loot.


The mission are short but also very sweet, in our opinion there isn’t enough missions overall, yes this expansion is a game changer for Destiny in many ways but more story focus is needed with many more missions to make this really worth the money.

All in all we are happy with the way Rise Of Iron has brushed up, new enemies, new weapons/armour, a new raid and a new strike with a few reinvented strikes has given us the grinding machine back with a lot more to play for!!

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Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

Hey I'm Mike Riley, I've been gaming for 20+ years and I'm still loving it!!

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