Minecraft Realms Supports Full Cross-Platform Play

We always thought that if cross-play gaming were to become a success, it’d probably begin with a game like Minecraft. It seems that Minecraft’s developer Mojang agree.

There was a lot of buzz around cross-play a couple of months back, with developers and senior gaming figures all saying what a great idea it was – the studio behind Rocket League literally said they were ready for Xbox One-PS4 cross-play the moment Sony gave the nod.

But has that nod been given to another studio?

During the epic MINECON convention, Mojang announced that the subscription-based Minecraft Realms would offer full cross-platform gaming between consoles, PC and mobile.

Realms, which is billed as ‘a private world, always online for you and your friends’ by Mojang, currently supports a maximum of 10 players per server, although if the service is judged to be a success, some believe that will be expanded. But that sort of limitation is a fair trade for our first taste of true cross-platform play as it hits the mainstream.

Will you be trying out Minecraft Realms and its cross-play capabilities?

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