Destiny Walkthrough: Wrath of the Machine Raid

Destiny: Rise of Iron is about a week old but this past Friday guardians were faced with the challenge of it’s newest raid – Wrath of the Machine.  This raid is focused on taking down the entity that is heading the SIVA infestation.  Like any Destiny raid, it takes skill, communication, and mastering mechanics to be successful in what might be one of Destiny’s most rewarding activities.  This is simply a walkthrough on how to get through each encounter so take note this will contain a ton of SPOILERS!!!  Without knowing the mechanics it was easy to learn and took about 5 hours on a first attempt (with our raid team being under leveled for the final encounter) but follow up runs take around 60 to 90 minutes.

Overall the raid isn’t dependant on a particular subclass or weapon type.  The obvious Nightstalker Hunters and Defender Titans do shine thanks to their support capabilities but Warlocks using Stormcaller or Voidwalker are saviors for clearing enemies – trust me, there are a lot of enemies.  The raid’s recommended light level is 370 with the final boss encounter set at 380.  The raid I completed this with had 2 of each class and all of us between 365 and 370.  I do recommend that you stick to a team of all 370 and above but it is still doable with lower lever guardians but it will require great team work.  When it comes to weapons, snipers are amazing as usual for doing a ton of DPS (damage per second) on bosses but the raid is filled with a bunch of close quarters combat compared to previous raids.  Shotguns – for once – are a great option to take down enemy majors that will rush you giving you a chance to survive.  Gjallarhorn was a great tool as well for boss damage as well as groups of enemies.  Machines guns are still viable but there is just that great feeling of melting a raid boss with a classic exotic like Gjallarhorn.  As previously stated, Wrath of the Machine lets for play around with options and doesn’t hinder progress for the team.

When you spawn in, you will be in front of the massive servitor and you will see white light spawning out of the ground in many different locations.  On the ground there are three circle highlighted machines – one center, one left, and one right.  Split your team into 3 groups of 2 for each machine.  You want to designate 2 people as voltage runners, preferably one on each side with the 2 in the middle just shooting enemies.  Running through each light gives you a voltage charge.  You will want to grab enough charges to gain the voltage max buff.  When a runner has the it maxed, they want to run to any of the 3 machines and hold X to discharge the voltage.  The voltage charge is on a 15 second timer and if the timer runs out before you discharge it you die.  The area is not a darkness zone so respawning is very quick and on your own.  The 3 machines are all tied together so when one is charged, each is charged.  When you do the first charge, Vosik, the Archpriest will spawn in as well as additional enemies.


Vosik at this point won’t take gun damage so ignore him and dodge his gun fire.  Watch for large S.A.B.E.R-like shanks called voltage eaters as they – you guessed it – steal the voltage from the machines you are powering.  Once you have charged the machines a total of 5 times, SIVA charges will start to drop from the machines.  Remember, the machines are all connected so it’s not 5 times per machine – just total.  Pick up these bombs and throw them at Vosik.  They do a ton of damage and are the main mechanic for taking him out.  Once his shield is down, it will remain down throughout the damage cycle but will return when its over.  When Vosik’s shield is down, you can use weapon fire on him if SIVA bombs run out but focus on the bombs first as they do way more damage than gun and rockets.  This normally takes two cycles and when Vosik is around 20% health, he will retreat and the large Servitor will open for you to enter.  You are now in the Wrath of the Machine raid.

From here you at the first jumping puzzle.  It’s not overly complicated but do know that there is an exotic chest hidden in the jumping area.  The first chest is accessible by climbing the left wall ventilation ducts and you will see an opening in the wall to the left.  Follow the path and it’s very easy to find.  At the end of the platforming, you will be on a vent cover that will drop you into the final fight with Vosik.

Again, split into your teams of three for the three lanes in the room.  Take note to the TV monitors on the wall in front of you when you drop down.  These will be needed to prevent your death.  One the sides of the room there are two small rooms as well that are also needed.  Approach the podium to make Vosik come back into the fight.  He will again be immune to gunfire and enemies will come in.  You will hear an alarm which signals SIVA charges are dropping.  This time it will be one in each lane so three total.  Designate someone in each lane as the SIVA charger handler.  When the charges drop, the handlers should grab them and communicate to throw them together.  Hitting Vosik the all three SIVA charges within a couple seconds of each other will cause his shield to drop a large portion.


During the fight you will hear a different type of constant alarm.  This means that one of the TV monitors behind Vosik is lit and you will see a SIVA symbol on the monitor.  Communicate to the team which monitor is lit and shoot it.  It is easy to take down but has to be down quickly.  Failure to destroy the monitor cause SIVA Density Critical and will wipe the team.  There is a way to survive which leads into the damage phase.  Repeat throwing charges and destroying monitors until Vosik’s shield is gone.  He will then be fair game for damage from weapon fire.  Combine Weapons of Light bubbles and Nightstalker Shadowshot with your best weapons and do as much damage as possible.  When Vosik’s damage cycle is done, he will activate the SIVA Density Critical event.  As I said before this will wipe the team so look for one of the rooms on the sides of the main area.  One of them will be highlighted yellow.  The team should run into the highlighted room and once inside, shoot the circle emblem to the side of the inside of the door to seal it.  This is the only way to survive this phase.  Once a room is used, you can not use it a second time so it doesn’t help to just run to the closest room.  Repeat this process through the rest of the fight.  The only change is when Vosik’s health gets lower, he will summon Shanks instead of Dregs and Vandals but the mechanics stay the same.  The Archpriest is finally dead.

Continue on into the wall with the next jumping puzzle.  This area is more of jumping skills instead of a puzzle.  Also, there is an additional 2 chests to find in this area.  One is in an obvious opening to the right and requires a little of climbing once inside.  The other is through an opening in the left wall.  Continue following the main path and you will be outside and under the famed “Death Zamboni.”  The Death Zamboni, actually called the Siege Engine, isn’t operational so continue moving away from it on the wall.  Take out the enemies in front of you and get to the far wall.  The Siege Engine will then being it’s pursuit.

The main goal here is to get over the Siege Engine.  There will be a ton of enemies in front of you to deal with as well but its not a requirement.  It helps to have a Stormcaller use super and clear enemies while the rest of the team uses sniper rifles and takes out the two cannons on the front of the Siege Engine.  Once guns are blown off, the “brain” will be exposed.  Snipe the brain until the body of the machine is blown off.  You will then run towards it and jump on the machine.  The easiest way to jump up is to jump on the open area on your left of the machine.  From here, the Siege Engine will run over and kill any leftover enemies as well as destroy the wall.  Once the wall is destroyed, jump off the front of the machine and move to the next wall quickly.


Kill the enemies that jump out of the ship as well.  This part is all about being very quick.  Once the enemies are killed, three parts (warhead, engine block, and drivetrain) will fall from the ship.  The goal is to now carry these items and repair the Siege Engine before it explodes.  Carrying a piece after 15 seconds causes you to drop it and you will have the “exhausted” debuff which won’t let you carry anything until it’s gone.  You can’t jump hardly at all as well so you will need to traverse the lower area which is basically an “S” pattern starting from the left.  There are also mines that cause you to move even slower like in the Prison of Elders.  Enemies will also come via drop ships to make it even harder.  We had most of our success by having one person go ahead and break all the slow mines when the parts fall from the ship.  The other 5 members carry items and give cover fire.  Bubbles with Blessing of Light are a great way to stay safe while moving with parts.  Traverse the bottom until you get to a ramp that will put you in front of the Siege Engine.  You will see Meeksis has entered the battle.  He is simply a named Captain at the top of the Siege Engine.  You will see that there is no way back onto the Siege Engine with parts in hand since the ramp is gone.  Drop all the parts at the base of the ramp and have three people kill the enemies in front of the Siege Engine and the other three jump on the Siege Engine and kill Meeksis on top of the Siege Engine.  Once he is dead, the ramp will come down allowing the parts to be brought on board.  At the top of the ramp, the drivetrain goes immediately to the right.  The warhead goes to the right side of the center of the Siege Engine, and the engine block goes in the back left.  Once complete the Engine will move again.  Jump off the front and continue running towards the end of the wall and make the leap of faith down to the platform below.  There is a chest for you right at the bottom.

Before moving into the cave in front of you, look up.  There is a pipe with a large opening.  Use the sides of the cliff to climb up and inside is the 4th chest.  Move into the structure and you will be in the Server Farm.  There are some minor enemies but you can plow through them no problem.  Continue through the paths until you are faced with a long staircase surrounded in a ton of red lighting.  This leads into the final area of the raid.  You will then be inside a dark room with blue square lighting.  Drop down into the center opening and step into the SIVA cloud to start the next encounter.

This is where you face Aksis, the Archon Prime.  Split again into 3 groups of 2 with one group on the left, one on the right, and one in the center.  There will be a couple of enemies that come in but your focus should be the yellow bar enemies that enter in.  There will be one for each group.  Killing them will trigger a captain with a cannon.  Each will have a cannon of a different element.  Once a captain is dead, it will drop its cannon for you to use.  Designate who in each group will use the cannon.  Once the cannon drops, a servitor of that element will spawn.  They tend to spawn on the opposite side of where you are in the room.  Help your team mates by communicating which servitor is where in the room between right, left, and middle.  Use the cannon and charge the shot by holding the trigger like with a scorch cannon from House of Wolves and destroy the servitor that match the element of the cannon.  Your team mate from that side should follow the person who has the cannon they were with.  Once the servitor dies, it will drop a SIVA charge.  The person without the cannon has to pick it up due to the person who had the cannon is locked out from grabbing charges when they put down the cannon.  You will notice some SIVA pyramid shaped plates that appear around Aksis’ platform.  You must break all these plates with the SIVA charges to complete a damage phase round.  There are 3 rounds to the encounter.  The first round will have only 2 plates to destroy.  The second on will have 3 (the third being on the bottom front of Aksis).  The third round will have 7 plates – yes 7!  You need to conserve your ammo from the cannons as more servitors will spawn in during the final round.  There are two plates on each side of Aksis’ platform, one on the wall to the left and right of the platform, and the bottom center one for the total of 7.  Failure to complete a round will cause Aksis to wipe the team.  Between rounds, a bunch of shanks will come down from the center roof.  Have everyone team up in the middle when where you dropped down to and put a bubble up and lay waste to the shanks.  It is timed so when the next round starts they will all just blow up but a tether here is a great way to produce orbs for the team.  Once the three round are done, this fight is over, but Aksis still has some more fight in him.  Go to the bottom and grab the chest that spawns in for your rewards.


It’s time for the final fight with Aksis.  Take notice to the towers of light behind you.  These will be used to prevent wiping after damage phases like in the second fight against Vosik.  Shoot the blinking light in his chest to start the final fight.  He will then rip himself out of the SIVA and onto a set of spider legs.  Split into your 3 teams like the first fight.  Aksis will teleport and shot SIVA bombs at you.  He has three positions – the center platform, the left side, and the right side.  Kill the shanks that come and deal with the basic enemies.  After a set time, some guardians will be given the Empowered buff.  You can notice who they are as well since they glow white.  These players should figure out and scatter and change positions or teams so that there is one in each location – middle, left, and right.  Again, Captains wielding cannons will spawn.  Kill them and then kill the servitor that matches the element like the last fight.  Aksis should be centered for this part.  Use the 3 total SIVA charges to stun Aksis.  Once he is hit with the 3 SIVA bombs, he will teleport to either the right, the left, or even the back portion where you first dropped in.  Which ever of the empowered guardians is closest needs to jump on his back as fast as possible and hold X to slam the charge into his back.  This stuns him for damage and you can use weapons to hurt him.  Save your tethers and bubbles for now for added damage.  After a short time, he will teleport again which the next closest empowered guardian needs to slam the charge into his back for a second time.  Continue doing more damage but save your supers.  He will then teleport a third and final time.  Slam the final charge into his back and let everything you have go as this damage phase will be the longest of the three.  Use supers, buffs, and heavies.  When the damage phase is over, Aksis will teleport back to the center platform and begin to cause the SIVA Density Critical event.  Remember those platforms behind you with the beams of light.  Have your team designate an order beforehand but have the whole team jump to one of those plates and into the light.  This will make everyone safe from death.  Use this moment to pop heavy ammo as no enemies will be shooting at you.  Continue again the same way until he is dead.  The platforms that are used for safety from the SIVA Density Critical even will go away when used so make sure you all use the same plate as this will give you more rounds for damage attempts.  Once he is near death he will attempt a final SIVA Density Critical event to wipe the team.  This is similar to Oryx trying to wipe the team when he was near death.  Continue pumping rockets and sniper round into him until he dies.  Congrats, you have finished Wrath of the Machine.

This was in my opinion the most fun raid of them all.  You can play around with weapons and classes and the mechanics are heavy but not cryptic and pretty obvious on what to do.  Good luck guardians and I wish you the best in RNG.

Did you enjoy Wrath of the Machine?  Got any questions about the raid?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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