EGX | Hands on with Titanfall 2

Hands on with Titanfall 2 at EGX confirms our excitement for the forthcoming EA sequel and our fears. Combat is still as satisfyingly chaotic and fast-paced as always. Wall running is now even more an aerial ballet than before; chaining wall runs and leaps together to escape, evade or attack is as engaging and compelling as ever.

Weapons are satisfyingly beefy, and your own mortality leaves every foray towards an enemy-held hardpoint a careful balance of risk and reward.

And still, Titans take far too long to unlock. Despite capturing and amping hardpoints like it as going out of fashion, and headshotting wall running enemy pilots like there’s no tomorrow, we were still two-thirds of the way into the match before the first one dropped. Titanfall 2 without Titans is just a run-n-gun formulaic shooter – acrobatics aside – without the pivotal moments a Titan brings. And it’s twice the shame, too, as the expanded range of Titans on offer deserves more screen time.

But dropping your Titan onto an enemy machine that’s bearing down on you is still supremely grin-inducing, however long you have to wait for that particular joy.

EA have a blanket ban on photography or video footage of either Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1 at this year’s EGX.

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One thought on “EGX | Hands on with Titanfall 2

  • 22/09/2016 at 12:59 pm

    @Respawn it still the same build as the beta? They need to sort out the Titan timers. Take forever to get and quick to die

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