Star Wars Battlefront Patch Notes for Death Star DLC

The Death Star DLC has been updated and I’ve highlighted a few of the patch notes below. You can view all of the notes here.

New DLC content

  • Five new maps set around or on the Death Star.
  • New Battle Station Mode
    • A three-phased mode in which Rebels attempt to destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer to clear space for a GR-75 and its boarding party. These Rebels participate in an assault on the Death Star hoping to rescue R2-D2 before, finally, attempting to destroy the Death Star itself with Luke Skywalker’s help.

New Weapons

  • TL-50 Heavy Repeater
    • A heavy blaster with a secondary fire mode that launches an explosive round
  • K-16 Bryar Pistol.
    • A powerful blaster pistol with a secondary fire ability which charges up a powerful shot.

New Heroes

  • Bossk
    • Micro Grenades – The primary weapon fires “micro grenades” that deal explosive damage.
    • Predatory Instincts –You see characters’ heat signatures. Bossk is enhanced while the power is active, increasing his damage, sprint speed, and cooldown speed of his abilities. This ability can be turned on/off at any time (it doesn’t have a cooldown).
    • Toxic Escape – Bossk throws a Dioxis Grenade and leaps away from the explosion.
    • Trait – Trandoshan Regeneration.
  • Chewbacca
    • Multi-Bolts – Doubles the amount of bolts fired from his weapon.
    • Mighty Roar – Chewbacca roars and empowers himself and his allies.
      • Rebel soldiers receive the Berserker level 3 effect and increased armor for a limited time.
      • Chewbacca and Friendly Heroes receive increased armor for a limited time
      • Chewbacca receives increased damage for a limited time.
    • Ground Slam – Chewbacca slams the ground, damaging and pushing back enemies around the point of impact. This ability can be used while in the air.
    • Trait – Furious Firing.

New Star Cards

  • Laser Trip mine – Can be attached on any surface and will explode when an enemy passes it. It also scrambles the radar of any enemy that gets too close.
  • Medical Droid – A stationary droid that is placed by the player. The droid will send out a “healing pulse” every 3 seconds and reduce the cooldown for the players’ star cards.



  • Red Five (Luke Skywalker)
  • Tie Advanced x1 (Darth Vader)

These will be introduced as new playable hero vehicles on both Battle Station and Fighter Squadron. In addition to this, users will be able to spawn in as “wingmen” whenever Red Five or TIE Advanced x1 are active on the level.


  • Soft lock [Vehicles] – An overheat mechanic has been added to the softlock system.
  • Improved vehicle collision handling, meaning that whenever two vehicles collide they will only deal a small amount of damage to each other and not instantly explode.
  • TIE interceptor – Missiles have been removed as an ability and replaced with Laser Barrage. When active, the player fires without overheating for a short time and deals more dps.
  • A-wing – The Shield ability has been replaced with a Speed Boost ability.
  • Skirmish – Resolved a bug in which players could spawn as a soldier with hero abilities if they were playing co-op.
    • Resolved an issue in which players in co-op could spawn in as the same hero if they both activated the hero token at the same time.
    • Resolved a graphical glitch that occurred in co-op when one player would spawn in as a AT-AT.
    • The multiplayer hand can now be used in Skirmish.
  • With the arrival of the Imperial Officers, the certification for Stormtroopers to remove their helmets in combat has been withdrawn.
  • General – Fixed various minor issues with Skirmish.
    • Various minor UI issues.
    • Resolved various spectator issues.
    • Updated the localization.
    • Various minor audio fixes in the UI.
  • Fighter Squadron – Removed an on screen prompt for the player to be able to exit the cloud car.
  • Hero Hunt – Resolved a bug which caused some hero defeat messages to not appear in the kill log.
  • Chat [PC] – Resolved a bug in which the in-game partner chat was limited to your friends and didn’t work with automatically assigned partners.

Stats & Progression:

  • Ranks – Increased from 70 to 90.
  • Achievements – Resolved a bug in which the “A New Hope” achievement would not trigger when playing Walker Assault.

Are you enjoying the Death Star DLC? What do you like or dislike about the updates? Is there something you think needs to be fixed but hasn’t been addressed yet? Let me know in the comments!

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