Black Xbox One S Controller Releases Tomorrow

Fans of the Xbox One S have, so far, been limited to playing their games with a white controller, or having their own unique ones created by Microsoft’s Design Labs. Tomorrow, though, that all changes, with the release of the Xbox One S black controller.

The black Xbox One S controller features all the same features as its white cousin, including double the wireless range and Bluetooth technology, which allows gamers to hook up the wireless pad to Windows 10 devices.


While the pad may be coming to Amazon US customers, there’s no word yet on if, or more likely when, Microsoft will be offering this to UK customers – although we’d expect it around the run-up to Christmas. But what we all really want to know is, when are Microsoft going to give us a black Xbox One S console to perfectly partner with the new controller?

What do you think of the arrival of the black controller? Will you be picking it up now, or waiting for the black console to match?

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