Return To Destiny, It’s Time

All gamers will know, Destiny’s Rise Of Iron (RoI) will be exploding onto the current gen consoles next Tuesday the 20th! For the current players, they are excited and have been working hard to prep their Guardians to become the highest light level Iron Lord as soon as possible.


But what about our brother and sister Guardians that have hung up their cloaks and headed to other pastures?  This is the time to come back. I for one was a day 1 player that sank over 2k of hours into Destiny’s beautiful violent universe.  After destroying Aetheon, Crotaa and Crota’s daddy Oryx multiple times, the grind became stagnant and a little tiresome. Once you have completed everything what’s the point?  But seeing what was coming in the Rise Of Iron expansion my interest peaked and of course I dusted off my hunter’s cloak and got back to it!!

Why, why damn it!??

RoI will be bringing a whole boatload of new missions, exotic and legendary weapons/armour, a new strike, some revamped strikes, a new social space, a brand new raid. Not to mention more in depth story content but more importantly it’s bringing back the grind!


The game was once broken and confusing.  The vanilla story wasn’t even a story.  The upgrade system was wrong and the loot system was rough.  Yes we get it and the reason why it wasn’t consistency appealing. The Taken King DLC turned the ever needed tide in our favour.

Going into year 3, Bungie has really learned from their mistakes.  The Taken King brought a story and cutscenes to be proud of.  Along with it we got an infusion mechanic that allowed us to break down a gun into another gun and consume it’s light – same as with armour.  After fine tuning by Bungie that now works perfectly, infusing now doesn’t average but goes straight to the broken down light level.


This simple mechanic changed how we customise and utilize lower level weapons that may be better in some ways than the high level items we found from the raid or Nightfall. Bungie also added challenges, both to the Oryx raid and a new Prison Of Elders area called the Challenge Of The Elders. Both yield higher gear and weapon drops, so instead of grinding the Nightfalls and raid, there is now a new way to get better gear, of course as it’s called challenge, it’s harder than the average too!

Everything is now driven and focused.  Bungie now knows what works and has a great formula in place.  Of course things can always be tweaked but with what they have now we cannot wait for Rise Of Iron.

The question is can you? Check out the trailer below!

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Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

Hey I'm Mike Riley, I've been gaming for 20+ years and I'm still loving it!!

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