Metal Gear Survive Gameplay Footage

When you played Metal Gear Phantom Pain did you ever run around thinking, “hmmm I wonder what this game would be like with zombie like creatures running around for me and friends to kill?” Well, if you did think that then you’re in luck! Metal Gear Survive is the ‘Spin-off’ title from Konami.

As far as story goes it doesn’t seem like the plotline is going to be thick within the game but honestly did we really expect that? No. The game is set after the attack on Mother Base at the end of Ground Zeroes – some of the soldiers are sucked into a wormhole and transferred into an alternate world. Now stuck in new and confusing reality, the soldiers have to band together to survive.

The new gameplay gives us a much greater idea of what to actually expect from the game, which if we could conclude in a sentence would be – Imagine Metal Gear Phantom Pain crossed with Call Of Duty Zombies.

Check out the 15 minutes of gameplay!

As you can tell from the video above, Metal Gear Survive looks and feels just like Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain; the graphics and mechanics have practically been ripped from those games and pasted straight into this one, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing given how well those mechanics worked. We are, of course, treated to new features as well such as the ability to craft defence items such as barbed wire fences and gun turrets; weapons are also somewhat different with more melee weapons added into the mix such as machetes and spears, we also see different ranged weapons like the bow.

Gameplay will still feature the classic mix of stealth and action with the ability to use distractions and lures to evade the zombie like creatures or position them better to eliminate them using stealth kills, the action can get intense as seen in the video when the team are on the last wave of creatures during the defence mission, they are even able to weigh down a fence and send it crashing down so the Co-op team made up of four have to scatter and retreat.

We would love to know your thoughts on the gameplay video and in general what you think about Metal Gear Survive, will it be a fun co-op spin off or does it feel like it is lacking what the core of Metal Gear games are.

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