The Berrics Campaigning To “Make EA Skate Again”

This one is going out to all those people in comments who type “Skate 3” after each backwards compatible article. Why yearn for the old when you can join a campaign for something new?

The Berrics, one of the larger and more recognisable skateboarding companies and regular partner of the Skate series, has started a campaign through Instagram to “Make America Skate Again”. Basically, they want Skate 4. And rightly so, because Skate was awesome!

#SKATE4 Join the movement. @makeeaskateagain ?Link in bio for more info? #MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN

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A quick trip to their website reveals more beyond some witty political parody, as Berrics outline why they want another Skate game: “When we were injured, rained out, or laying wrecked from an entire day of street skating; Skate 3 provided us a way of learning how to skate again, it provided us with an avenue of progress and exploration. Skate 3 enriched our experience as skateboarders, so it has come as no surprise skateboarders passionately demand the release of Skate 4We’ve decided enough is enough. It’s time to Make EA Skate Again!”

While we appreciate campaigns as much as the next person, it could be that this is part of some partnership between The Berrics and EA to drum up interest in the series. Either way, if you want to follow all of the updates for this campaign, check out @makeeaskateagain on Instagram and be sure to use that hashtag on Twitter.

Do you want Skate 4? What are your thoughts on this campaign from The Berrics? Do you still want Skate 3 for Backwards Compatibility? Sound off in the comments below!

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One thought on “The Berrics Campaigning To “Make EA Skate Again””

  1. COG_TOMMEH says:

    @EA yes!! Skate is the best action sports game ever and it blows my mind that EA hasn’t developed a new one yet ?

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