CoD IW: Quickscoping Still A Possibility

Infinite Warfare

It was recently announced that there will be 12 maps available to play on initial launch of Infinite Warfare with one of them being Terminal which you get for pre ordering the game.

For reference, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 had the same number of maps at launch (excluding the pre-order bonus), while Advanced Warfare had 13, with Ghosts having the most so far this gen with 14 (all not counting the pre-order bonus maps).

 Another question that was asked was “Is quickscoping still a possibility?” The answer was, yes but it will be very difficult to get that one shot kill. In Infinite Warfare, the sniper rifles have been set to one shot kill at the head only instead of chest up like in the other previous CoD’s.

Quick scoping has been met with very mixed views, those that can do it call it an art form, skill that has been developed over time of playing the game, others can just quick scope as if it’s natural for them. For those that don’t like it, is it something that would put you off the multiplayer? Are you glad they have made it difficult for people to do it?

Personally I’ve never seen the appeal of quickscoping, even though I could do it in BO2 and AW, it’s not something I set out to practice and only really managed it in blind panic!

What’s your opinion on it?

I wonder how balanced these guns are going to be, is it as difficult as they say its going to be? I guess we will find out when the Beta arrives!


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3 thoughts on “CoD IW: Quickscoping Still A Possibility”

  1. @CallofDuty great. I were looking for that one final reason not to buy this game. Done.

  2. Wooshie ? says:

    @CallofDuty ehhhh don’t really care I don’t even quickscope

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