What Major Nelson Revealed Today About Xbox’s Reputation System

Major Nelson, Xbox’s community manager, has today detailed the ins and outs of Xbox’s reputation system, discussing, ‘what the reputation system is, why it’s important, how it works, and how we continue to evolve it.’

Xbox’s reputation system has been going since the days of the Xbox 360, helping players to avoid spawn-killers, campers, and loud-mouths; a complaint box which allows Microsoft to see which gamers are aggravating and antagonising others.


There are some great facts about how it all works. Turns out, according to Major Nelson, there’s a lot more to it than just angrily submitting feedback after encountering yet another rage-quitter.

  • Your current reputation is a snapshot of your multiplayer interaction over the past few weeks
  • Your reputation can drop twice from ‘Good’, to ‘Needs Work’ to ‘Avoid Me’.
  • It typically takes over a dozen unique reports, or several dozen mutes to drop to ‘Needs Work’.
  • Not all feedback is equal, it’s weighted by accuracy assessors who, according to Major Nelson, always ‘confirm that you’ve actually played with someone if you’re complaining about their multiplayer behaviour.’
  • Once your reputation tumbles to ‘Avoid Me’, your mic’s muted or you’ll be stuck playing with other ‘Avoid Me’’s. And once you join a party of friends, all your pals will be bad repped too.
  • Your reputation isn’t gone forever. You can earn it back by playing nice and not receiving negative feedback.
  • Major Nelson estimates that ‘It takes a typical gamer a few months of play for their reputation to completely heal.’
  • You can check out your how your reputation has gone over the last six months by heading over to the Reputation site here.
  • There are three types of feedback filed: Fair Play, Communication, User Content (This relates to gamertags and pics, and screenshots and videos).
  • Xbox are switching the ‘gas gauge’ meter, and replacing it with a reputation warning bar on ‘the community-facing profiles of those with bad reputations.’

You can find out more about how Microsoft are trying to create ‘the world’s best social gaming network for all types of players’ over to the Major’s blog. How’s your reputation on Xbox looking? Do you regularly leave or receive feedback, and how has that impacted your play?


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