Why Gearbox Won’t Give Us Borderlands 3

Back in October 2009, Gearbox gave the world its vision of a RPG style first person shooter that gave us all an original IP in a style never seen.  Borderlands gave fans of multiple genres a way to spend 1,000’s of hours of our lives in the world of Pandora and it’s millions of weapons and loot.  Borderlands over the next couple years has been followed up with a sequel – as well as a pre-sequel.  With Borderlands: The Pre-sequel being the most recent but also least enjoyed game in the series, fans have been getting eager hoping for Borderlands 3.  But where is Borderlands 3?  We know the title exists but why hasn’t Gearbox been promoting what everyone wants?  I think I have a handle on that.

After the original Borderlands, Gearbox became a very well known name in development and took on a bunch of new IP that were started by other developers.  This unfortunately didn’t work out well continuing the success of Gearbox.  Two projects Gearbox took on were Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines.  We all know how Duke Nukem Forever turned out in the public eye.  Duke Nukem had a lot of hype over the decade plus that preceded it but failed in quality and in sales.  Aliens fell far short from expectation.  Early footage of gameplay showed this stellar horror experience but when the game launched – it was full of bugs and was ridiculed by the majority of players and media outlets.  So what do these games have to do with Borderlands 3?


Many who follow games have heard of Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.  Pitchford is a very vocal head of his company and isn’t afraid of keeping his opinions to himself.  When questioned about these games and their shortcomings, Pitchford has always said these projects were exemplary without any issues.  He has almost became very defensive and angry towards the community as well as the media.  Eurogamer in an interview, after addressing the backlash from Aliens and how Aliens and Duke Nukem weren’t as good as Borderlands, once asked Randy Pitchford to acknowledge that some of his games weren’t as good as others.  This caused Randy to simply say “f%^& off.”  He continued along saying the games are like children and you can’t pick a favorite but it’s clear to see the rage that he had inside.


Why would Randy Pitchford be so upset over the criticism?  It is understandable that when someone criticizes your work, you would get defensive.  However, new IP’s have been close to Pitchford’s heart.  He has stated before that “If you’re going to bet on the future, you’ve got to bet on new.”  It’s obvious that Borderlands started as a new IP.  All games do at some point.  After the two flops in Aliens and Duke Nukem, Gearbox then succeeded with Borderlands 2.  After a shift in staffing we were then given Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.  Pre-sequel is however not seen in the public eye as “on par” with the rest of the Borderlands series.

So where is Gearbox as a company at now?  Their most recent release Battleborn has been out now for a couple months but hasn’t seen a ton of success thanks to Overwatch.  So why not just move on to Borderlands 3?

I’ve already pointed out Randy’s love of new IP’s and with Battleborn being their latest game as well as a new IP, he doesn’t want to let it go.  He seems to feel very strongly about his game and doesn’t want to cut ties with Battleborn and probably spends many evenings praying that it will magically catch lightning in a bottle for a second time and become the next Borderlands.  It’s already to far though in it’s life cycle to become a massive fan favorite like Borderlands was.  He commonly references Borderlands when talking about Battleborn.  He refuses to call Battleborn a MOBA (which it clearly is) – but instead refers to it as a first person shooter to compare it to Borderlands.

Calling Battleborn a MOBA would be like calling Borderlands a Diablo clone. It’s a full, complete, stand-alone, original retail game.

It really seems like he is afraid of straying away from his own ideals and philosophies and give the people what they want.  Randy, I beg you.  People already hear the name Gearbox and say “that company who made Borderlands.”  No matter what you do, you will always have.  You can be original and continue to push new IP’s but it’s a slap in the face to ignore what your fans are asking for.

At least Gearbox has come out and said that Borderlands 3 will be their next game but I think until we see either a trailer or hear some details – we will still be uneasy.  Until Randy Pitchford’s pride gets out of the way, we will just be sitting and impatiently waiting for Mercenary Day in real life when we see Borderlands 3.

Why do you think we don’t know anything about Borderlands 3?  Are you excited for Borderlands 3?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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