We Happy Few Update Coming Soon

We Happy Few is the quirky survival game from Compulsion games, and since its release it has provoked both good and bad reactions, which is to be expected of a game still in its preview state. With preview games, the longer they are out the better they seem to get – so long as developers keep working on the game. And that is exactly what we are here to tell you: the newest patch for We Happy Few will be rolling out within the next few days.

Follow the link to see an entire list of patch notes. Click Here.

The patch promises to fix more bugs within the game, making for an overall smoother experience. We will also be treated to some AI and graphics tweaks to make the world feel all that more alive and real. Remember that the developers urge you to start the game from fresh after each update or it can create issues in your current save; this is something the team are working on for the future but for now to get the best out of We Happy Few you should start again.

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