Massive Announces Plans for Division 1.4 Update

The underbelly of post apocalyptic New York City has seen some bugs and issues but developer Massive has been taking it upon themselves to make major improvements to The Division.  Massive has shed some light on their plan in the upcoming month to roll out update 1.4.

Update 1.4 is set to fixes some bugs in the game but as well adjust things as the loot system to be more rewarding and difficulty scaling being too steep.  Players have experienced going into high level content only to be destroyed in one shot by NPC enemies no matter how well geared they are.  The lesser difficulties however aren’t gearing players up well enough for the harder engagements as well.  There are a bunch of points Massive have brought up that their player base is concerned with hoping to revitalize the game before the next expansion Survival.

With all that, Massive has laid a road map plan of when they are revealing all the new information in regards to patch 1.4 as well as Survival.

Starting on September 15th, there will be an invite only test server for the changes of 1.4.  A newly announced public server will go online on September 19th.  The technical test for the public test server will only be available to those PC players that applied to the Elite Task Force as a way to ensure the client and downloading process will work for all PC players interested in testing 1.4.  The team is still investigating ways to include console players in the public test server.

Beyond September and the data Massive collects from these tests will prepare them for the release of Survival in October.  Patch 1.4 and Survival were supposed to launch together but now will launch separately with 1.4 coming first.  This is also pushing back the final DLC Last Stand to early 2017 instead of the end of this year.

Are you still playing the Division and enjoying it?  Have you taken a break until these issues are fixed?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Inquisitr

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