Nintendo and Sega emulator to appear on Xbox One?

We love our classic consoles. Games from a bygone era – classic, simple, hard as nails. So when we get the merest sniff that we might be able to play some of these classics through the wonders of emulation, we sit up and take notice.

Undoubtedly, we’re going to see emulators on our Xbox Ones sooner rather than later, thanks to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and the convergence of the Windows 10 and Xbox stores. We recently brought you the news that Win64e10 – a Nintendo 64 emulator App that runs reasonably happily on Windows 10 – could potentially see the light of day on Xbox One, and now we have another similar story.

Nesbox calls itself a “video console emulators hub” that boasts the ability to play NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Nintendo Gameboy Colour / Advanced games and, according to its creator, it’s currently undergoing UWP certification.

The non-UWP version is already available in the Store. @nesboxcom has also posted photos of the emulator running on an Xbox One devkit and although there’s no video the photos certainly seem to be authentic.

Excitingly for the creatives out there, the fun Nesbox virtual console, which allows users to create and share small simple games, is also running on Xbox One devkits and so could hopefully also see the light of day.

At Xbox One UK we are big fans of emulation. Anything that keeps aging classics alive is a good thing; eventually the original hardware will fail and without emulation of some kind – be it through official Virtual Consoles and backwards compatibility programmes, or homebrew renegades like the Nesbox creator – some of these games are in danger of becoming nothing but memories.

We get annoyed, though, when big companies threaten legal action against those who post for download ROMs for decades old games, when there’s no other way to play those games any more. Legally, that might be the right approach, but locking away so much of our culture and heritage this way can be neither ethically nor morally right.

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