Fallout 4: Nuka World DLC Review

Nuka World is the sixth and final DLC for Fallout 4, but is it the one people have been waiting for? This time around, you are whisked from the wasteland to enjoy your summer holidays at the Nuka World theme park. Sorry, did we say enjoy? Well, maybe not quite.

The once beautiful and exciting theme park is now just a shell of its former self, filled with rusty rides, psychotic raiders and, of course, the company Mascots. This won’t be your usual relaxing breakaway.

Once you arrive you are faced with the challenging ‘Gauntlet’ – and you’ll need to survive before you can enter the park. As the name suggests, it’s not going to be easy – Stimpacks anyone? Complete the Gauntlet and you find yourself face to face with the Boss of Nuka World – a cowardly creature who needs to cheat to win (not surprising for a raider). Killing him crowns you as the park’s new Boss…  All of sudden you are in charge, even if the Raider gangs have no clue who you are.

And that’s it, as far as the story goes. You’re now free to explore this new world. Take a look at your map and you will see five attractions; with each attraction commanding its own area of the map, each feels like its own little quest world. Each attraction will take around two hours to complete, and each area feels different from the last. Every area has a different theme and is filled with distinct enemy types. A few of these inhabitants are brand new, but most are rehashed and rebuffed variants of the standard Fallout enemy – Feral ghouls in clown makeup, flying swarms of ants or the especially challenging Nuka-branded robots.


With all the usual quest types, collection, exploration, combat and everyone’s favourite – looting – the park has around 20 hours of solid gameplay to explore. There are a few interesting curios to scavenge, too:  new Raider armour types, a few full costumes that can be looted from mannequins, some new grenade types (that unlock once you’ve cleared all the areas), and a few new Nuka Cola flavours that can be crafted at mixing stations, and a new companion.

And that’s Nuka World for you, all done and dusted. Time for you to head back to the commonwealth with new raider powers in tow – including the ability to build a raider settlement. It all seems like fun, and at first, it is. But Nuka World suffers from the same lack of longevity that’s plagues each piece of Fallout 4 DLC, with the exception of the Far Harbor. It’s neat to adopt the Raider persona, attack other settlements, or force them to send you food and water. A few extra raider themed decorations are included to help make your raider base feel more, er, raider (is that even a thing?)

And just because you’re back home in the Commonwealth don’t go forgetting about Nuka World – occasionally you should pop back, just for a visit, say hi to some old friends… oh and fight the odd harder enemy that has made it through the Gauntlet, and is now challenging you for your rule!


Nuka World is available from the Store, priced £14.99.

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