Batman: Return To Arkham Release Date Announced

Earlier this year Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that Batman: Return to Arkham, the remake collection of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, was to be delayed indefinitely as the developer Virtuos Games needed more time to get it just right.

Since this announcement the rumour mill has been churning and fans have been speculating that the game could well be coming out in November. Well as it turns out this prediction wasn’t too far off.batmanreturntoarkham1

Ladies and gentleman we are pleased to let you know that Batman Return to Arkham will be released on October 21st. So people, that’s the bat-time and your Xbox will be the Bat-place.

Most of the enhancements come in the form of lighting, texture resolution, use of the shadows (obviously, this is Batman we’re talking about here) and colour saturation. The stories and characters will remain the same so people who have played the games before get to enjoy all of their favourite bits all over again and new players to the games get to enjoy the experiences as a whole for the first time. This will also include all of the DLC that was released for the games the first time around.

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