Red Dead Redemption Rumoured to be Remastered

Red Dead Redemption could be getting a remastered version for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, if rumours are to be believed. Rumours have been swirling of a sequel to the hit western epic, with maps and other details apparently leaked online – however, unsurprisingly, it seems that a remaster may be in the works.

It comes from Korean website Game Focus, who claim that they’ve heard rumblings of Asian localisation for RDR. Forgive the rough translation here, but…

In mid-August we heard stories of the Asian localising of Red Dead Redemption in America. Checking with multiple North American sources, it seems that parent company Take-Two has been preparing an Asian localisation of the remaster – with a Korean version confirmed.

Game Focus have also claimed that the release date for the Red Dead Redemption remaster will be the first half of 2017. After the game went backwards compatible on Xbox One, we’ve been yearning to return to an Old West multiplayer that isn’t completely broken, so we’ll be watching this one to see if it develops.

As you’d expect, Rockstar Games haven’t commented on the rumours.

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One thought on “Red Dead Redemption Rumoured to be Remastered”

  1. @RockstarGames Please make a remaster and remaster from Max Payne 3 🙂

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