Book Series The Dwarves Making Xbox Debut

German fantasy author Markus Heitz famed series The Dwarves is going to be getting a game adaptation.  The game is being developed by KING Art and will heavily follow the original stories and has the potential to be a blockbuster in the making.  The project itself was originally a Kickstarter and raised over $310,000.

The Dwarves will be following the first book’s story quite closely, with players following the orphan dwarf Tungdill Goldhand as he meets other dwarves and other races’ representatives and gets involved in a lot of fights, plots to overthrow kings and much more. That is not to say that those who have read the book will be getting no new story content, as King ART created several side quests which branch out from the book’s story.

The main goal for KING Art was to recreate the book’s world as accurately as possible.  One of the key points is the game’s playable characters – as all as amount of them.  Characters in the book range from dwarves, to humans, to everything else in a fantasy world.  The range available let’s KING Art give special abilities to each and lets the players strategize on what is best for upcoming battle. With another interesting twist, NPCs will actually react different depending on the active party members, so players will have to be mindful about who to bring in specific locations if they want their lives to be easier. Or harder, if they like a good challenge even outside combat.  As it pertains to combat, there is a constant feeling of being outnumbered which allows for some interesting combat mechanics.

Dwarves, The 2

The Dwarves is going to be at heart an action based RPG but will give you the ability to pause the action and make adjustments as needed.  Party construction appears to be a big factor.  One ability usage could trigger a chain reaction of events – hopefully for the better.  For example, an ability could allow players to push enemies in certain directions, make them fall off heights and much more. Enemies can do the same with the player controlled characters, so positioning is going to play a rather big part during battles.

Interactions between party members and NPCs are also going to play a big part in The Dwarves. The game will feature a relationship system, which will give some specific perks to party members, as well as a dialogue system which can influence the story somewhat. While these features aren’t exactly revolutionary, they contribute in making The Dwarves’ world alive and believable.

The Dwarves is looking to launch in 2016, we will have to await more details on an actual date.

You can check out the official gameplay trailer below:

As someone who isn’t familiar with the book I’m eager to see this world the KING Art can create.  Are you excited to see The Dwarves come to console?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: WCCFTech

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