Unlock Behind-the-Scenes Documentary in Bioshock: The Collection

Would you kindly return to Rapture? It’s not long until the release of Bioshock: The Collection and alongside improved graphics fit for current-gen consoles (that’s 1080p/60fps on all platforms), we’ve now learnt that there’s a whole behind-the-scenes documentary hidden within the games.

The Bioshock trilogy is one of the best-loved shooters of all time, thanks in part to its stunning visuals, creepy settings and absolute mind-messing stories that cover everything from neuro-linguistic programming to the multiverse.

So as you’d expect from the game, developed by the now defunct Irrational Games, there’s quite a story to tell here. And gamers will now have the chance to uncover some of those secrets by collecting ‘Golden Reels’, which unlocks the exclusive behind-the-scenes drama.

According to Darren Gladstone over at publisher 2K:

Sometimes it’s necessary to go back to the drawing board. You may not realize all of the restarts that happened before BioShock as you know it got off the ground. Or the thoughts that came out of focus groups playing early builds of the game. Those are the sorts of insights you’ll get from watching ‘Imagining BioShock.’

Here’s how it works: You’ll make your way through Rapture in the remastered version of the first BioShock game, hunting for Golden Reels. As you find them, you’ll unlock episodes of this never-before-seen video series.

The documentary will feature the game’s development highlights from creative director Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson, Bioshock’s lead animator, as they discuss how the games came to be what they are today.

Bioshock: The Collection is released on 16th September in Europe.

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