Preview Update: Clubs and LFG

Major Nelson has announced that Clubs and Looking for Group on Xbox Live will be released to preview members from today and will be followed on the Xbox app soon.


The clubs will be player created and managed and will be possible to create or join a club for whatever you like. There intention is for gamers to meet and game with people who have the same interests, create a club for your friends to create gamenights of your favourite titles etc.

When you are in a club you will be able to chat, set up parties, play games and share content with other members of the same club.

Looking for Groups (LFG)

LFG allows players to search for people you want to game with and works for any Xbox One title. If you want to do daily missions on a certain game, all you have to do is set up an LFG post with your requirements so you can find the right gamers, set up your rules, game and game mode etc.

Here’s a brief explanation of how LFG works, you can browse open LFG posts, find the one you want to join and request to join it, session owners can choose which gamers they want to join and when the session is full they can quickly invite the players to a party and game.

Improved Gamerscore Leaderboard

The gamerscore leaderboard will reset at the beginning of every month instead of displaying results for a 30 day period.

Emojis for the virtual keyboard

Emojis will be added to the virtual keyboard and can be accessed by holding the right trigger until they show up

Press and hold on the emoji to display different versions of the one you selected.

Are you looking forward to seeing this? Maybe it will be a useful tool for many gamers.


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