Great New Indie Game Now Available on Xbox One!

Howard Philpott, creative producer at Bulkhead Interactive (creator of Pneuma: Breath of Life) has announced today that their new game The Turing Test is now available on Xbox One.  The Turing Test is a puzzle game focuses on human instincts.  Philpott had this to say about the design of The Turing Test:
Solving the puzzles of The Turing Test is all about trusting your instincts as a player, especially as the puzzles are designed in a way that only a human could solve them.
Following the success of Pneuma: Breath of Life, Bulkhead made it a point to deliver an even better, unique for success on their next title.
“Enough people enjoyed that game for us to be able to continue as a studio and drop the bar jobs, so we knew after release we wanted to take that second chance to make something truly unique and improve on our last efforts in every way. This meant developing a super refined gameplay curve, beautifully polished graphics, tight and tangible controls and gameplay mechanics, as well as a stronger and more characterful story. We can’t wait for you to delve into the puzzles of The Turing Test to see how players react to the story twists and decide to ‘Solve the Human Problem.'”
Also, the money from every sale of The Turing Test will be put into the budget for Bulkhead Interactive’s next game, a World War II shooter called Battalion 1944.
Are you going to check out The Turing Test?  How do you feel about the idea of puzzles relying on human instinct?  Let us know in the comment section!
Source: Xbox

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