Castle of Illusion Backwards Compatible, Will Be Delisted By Friday

This is a curious one, open to interpretation. Just the way we like it…

Announced on Twitter today by Major Nelson, it was revealed that the popular Disney title Castle of Illusion will be made backwards compatible alongside Forza Horizon, one of September’s Games with Gold.

All is well so far, until it was revealed by a representative of Sega, the game’s publisher, that the game will be delisted on September 2nd and will not be available for resale. Those who have purchased the game already will still be able to redownload the title after the 2nd, but anyone who hasn’t purchased the game will need to before then.

This raises a number of questions. Firstly, why is it being delisted? Generally, that’s because the license agreement has run out, meaning that Sega no longer own the rights to either Disney games or the Castle of Illusion name.

The same thing happened a few years ago between Marvel and Capcom, leading to the Marvel vs Capcom games being delisted from the store. This type of delisting is usually indicative of a partnership with a new publisher, and that the announcement of a new game is forthcoming. Don’t be surprised to see a new Mickey Mouse game at some point in the near future.

But that leaves the other big question: why make a game backwards compatible if you’re just going to delist it after a few days? Our only suggestions are either that this is an attempt by Disney to see how much interest there is in Mickey Mouse and his crew as gaming characters in this era, or it’s a hail mary attempt by Sega to squeeze out as much revenue from Castle of Illusion as they can before they legally have to relinquish the rights.

What do you make of this situation? What are your conspiracy theories regarding the Castle of Illusion delisting? Will you be buying the game before September 2nd? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Game Informer

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