Pandora App Gets Background Music Update

Another music streaming app, Pandora, will play background music on Xbox One, joining others including Microsoft’s own Groove Music.

That’s according to Xbox don, Mike Ybarra, who announced that over the next 24 hours the Pandora app will receive an update that allows background music.

This means that users of the service will be able to listen to their own music collections while they game (Try trash metal Minecraft, for instance).

When they rolled out the Anniversary update, Microsoft promised to deliver background music for every gamer. The only problem was, not all of the music apps on the Xbox Store supported the functionality, including Microsoft’s own Groove Music (which only received the update a fortnight ago). If you’re not too keen on using or subscribing to a streaming app, you can always check out the USB Background Music app, which will let you play music from a pen drive.

And as UWP begin to land, expect more apps offering the functionality – Microsoft has announced that all UWP app developers can now submit their apps to Xbox One. You can find out more here.

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