Sneak Peek at New Xbox One Gamerscore Leaderboard

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The Gamerscore leaderboard, which compares your achievements with those of your friends, is getting a makeover – and today, we got our first sneak-peek at how it’s going to look in future.

Today, Xbox’s Mike Ybarra tweeted out the new look GS leaderboard. And it’s very different from the small tab that originally took up about a 1/10th of the screen size.

It’s looks a lot sleeker, and fits the Windows 10 theme, with its clean black, grey and white stylings. It’s also a lot more visual than the original, which featured a simple list of players; here we see Xbox has added a gamer picture podium, of sorts.

The Gamerscore leaderboard feature was ripped out during an Xbox One update that totally overhauled the dashboard. When fans asked where it had gone, they were assured that the leaderboard would be making a return – which it did, and is now located on the ‘achievements’ section of your gamer profile.

It might not have actively become a competition amongst all gamers, but it was a fun way of keeping tabs on the achievements of your friends, and push yourself to finally 100% complete The Witcher 3.

There’s no word yet on when the updated GS leaderboard will go live for gamers, but do you like what you see?

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One thought on “Sneak Peek at New Xbox One Gamerscore Leaderboard”

  1. @XboxQwik If they would only stop wasting resources on doing this stuff and bring back missing features like “providers” search.

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