Glitch Lets You Stream Xbox One to Your Smartphone – And Here’s How

It was just a matter of time. With Microsoft’s major push to be on all platforms, bringing Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 PCs, it was just a question of when the same could be done on mobile phones.

All it takes is to download the Windows Dev Mode Companion App and connect it to a Windows 10 Mobile. According to the Windows Store, the app ‘allows you to remotely connect to an Xbox One console and control it. This tool was created for developers using Xbox Dev Mode.’

Given that Microsoft haven’t officially commented, we’re taking this to be a welcome glitch that enables gamers to very literally play anywhere. Check out our video of it here…

In order to actually play games via your phone, you’ll need to get a USB-C adapter (a bit like this one from Amazon), in order to plug a controller into your phone. But the steps to get this working are ludicrously simple…

  • Download Xbox Dev Mode Companion (Preview) from the Windows 10 Store on a Windows 10 PC or laptop here.
  • On your Windows 10 Phone, go to the Store, then go to My Library – download the Xbox Dev Mode Companion (Preview) from your list of apps.
  • Close the Store, and go to the app list on your phone – the new app will be listed.
  • Start it up and – as long as your Xbox is on and on the same WiFi network as your phone – you will be able to connect to it in exactly the same way as you can using your Windows 10 PC.

There does appear to be a glitch within in the glitch, however. If it disconnects and reconnects (because you have a rubbish home network) it loses sound, which you can see in our video. You have to close the app and restart to get sound back. Other than that, it seems stable and is perfectly usable for us.

This isn’t the first time it’s been hinted that Xbox One games could be streamed straight to smartphones. Before the Anniversary Update dropped, players had noticed that, on the phone’s Xbox One app, an option was given to ‘Play from Xbox One.’ However, that option, which didn’t work, has since been removed.

Let us know if you’ve got this working, we’d love to know your thoughts.

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